Josie and the Sentinels Series

The Josie and the Sentinels Series is a young adult adventure, long story romance that takes place in the Sentinel World’s San Francisco, Northern California, and Middle East. Moderate Themes are throughout the books. A full list of Content Warnings can be found here.

Haunted by her past and her future.

Hunted by her friends and their enemies.

The broken piece in an unconventional family, Josie Braveman longs for excitement. Anything to free her from her prescribed path. But when everything leads her to a dangerous world, she finds that it is not like her daydreams.

Music manager Yasin Sabri is successful and wealthy largely due to his work ethic. But even top businessmen need days off. If only he could step away from his job, the large music festival in Golden Gate Park would be ripe for his restful desire. Little did he see the day pulling him into a world he never thought to enter.

When Josie’s guardian leaves her in the care of someone they barely know, a secret is revealed that will leave an indelible mark on the young teen. As she is taken deeper into an underground world of magic, paranormal beings, and hazard, she will need to rely on Yasin for safety.

But will he be able to put aside his lifestyle to free her? And now that she knows the truth, will she ever be safe again?

Star Struck is the first book in the Josie and the Sentinels Series. Enter the world of Josie Braveman as she walks the thin line between what is and what should never be.

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