Call me NJ and let me welcome you to my blog. It’s my hope that you will enjoy your time here.

Who am I and what is this all about?

I’m many things but the relevant thing to this blog is that I am a storyteller. I have been my entire life – my stories, others’ stories. It never really mattered so long as I got to tell a story to entertain. Over my years, I have worked as a professional storyteller; taking children and their parents on adventures far and wide. I have written for several blogs either as a feature writer or a guest. I maintain my own blog (though it is suffering from neglect lately) on Yuan Dynasty Mongolian food – yes, it’s an oddly specific topic but that fits my personality.

So, this blog – I have great plans for this blog. One day, as with many aspiring writers, I hope to publish a novel or two. But to do that, I need practice translating my stories from spoken to written, from performed to read.  And that is where this blog steps in. I hope that you will read and importantly, give me feedback on your likes and dislikes towards my stories and articles.

I plan to post once a week. Each month, I will publish:

  • A short story
  • A book review
  • A debrief on my writing
  • A ‘lucky dip’: this could be an interview, a review of a movie, a storytelling tip, or anything else that takes my fancy that week.
  • For the ‘extra’ weeks in certain months, look for special ‘lucky dips’.

I am looking forward to finding out just what and how this website is going to work and to hearing from you.


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