Josie and the Sentinels Series – Content Warnings

NJ feels that reading should be a safe space for everyone. For this reason, she has included a CONTENT WARNING for chapters readers may find difficult. Take care of your mental health. If anything in these books contain your triggers, please reconsider reading them. Thank you.

Moderate Themes, Drug Use, Violence

Chapter 1: Self Harm

Chapter 2: Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Mention of Sex Trafficking of Minors

Chapter 3: Mild Language, Underage Drunkenness

Chapter 8: Home Invasion, Stalking

Chapter 12: Drinking, Grooming, Racism, Sexism, Underage Drinking, Violence

Chapter 13: Night Terrors, Sex Scene with Shifted Power Dynamics, Use of Death in Metaphor

Chapter 14: Death of Loved One, Extreme Game of 20 Questions

Chapter 16: Displaced Abandonment, Drinking

Chapter 18: Ableism, Alcohol Use, Domestic Violence, Drug Use

Chapter 19: Alcohol Use, Discussion of Domestic Violence, Drug Use

Chapter 20: Grooming of a Minor, Reference to Domestic Violence

Chapter 21: Grooming of a Minor

Chapter 22: Alcohol Use

Chapter 23: Food, Gaslighting, Grooming of a Minor, Medical Intervention

Chapter 25: Aftermath of Violence, Fighting, Injury, Paranormal Action, Surgery, Violence

Chapter 26: Food, Night Terrors

Chapter 27: Child Trafficking, Night Terrors

Chapter 28: Alcohol Use, Child Abduction, Child Victimisation, Drug Use, Gaslighting, Gun Violence, Violence

Chapter 29: Drug Use, Gaslighting, Hospital/Paramedic, Police Interview, Violence

Chapter 30: Rape, Reference to Violence

Chapter 31: Medical Files, Night Terrors, Stalking, Threats of Torture and Violence

Chapter 32: Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Night Terrors

Chapter 33: Domestic Violence, Drug Use, Gun Violence, Remembered Trauma

Chapter 34: Alcohol Abuse & Use, Child Death, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse & Use, Gun Violence, Murder, Remembered Trauma

Chapter 36: Alcohol Use, Drug Use, Intervention

Chapter 37: Confinement of Movement, Forceful Sexual Attention, Gun Violence


Chapter 3: Drinking, Sexual Propositioning

Chapter 4: Bathing Scene Between Mixed Gender

Chapter 15: Shower Scene Between Mixed Gender, Unequal Power Dynamics

Chapter 20: Gaslighting, Grooming of a Minor

Chapter 30: Romantic Scene with Power Dynamic Issues, Predatory Act

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