The Sentinels of … series

The Sentinels of New Orleans cover Art by R Aked.

The Sentinels of … series offers the reader bite sized stories in the sentinel universe.

Each month, January through November, a new under-an-hour-read is released on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited in this series. The stories can be read as standalones or as continuations. In December the previous eleven stories are combined into a paperback for wide distribution.

Each year introduces a new group of sentinels and a new set of challenges allowing readers to follow along with the exploits of these heroes of humanity. Dive into new mysteries and new secrets bound to effect the entire world. For when one strand of the web is pulled, the ripples are felt on the others.

The sentinels of THE BAYOU

Have You Never Seen the Dawn?

Ilish Night was a lost and lonely child. With no memory of her biological family or her past, she moved from home to home until she entered Henley’s house. Henley became the family she never had. 

When Henley calls a young adult Ilish in the middle of the night with a shaking voice asking for help, Ilish jumps to her cause. 

Things are not right at the New Orleans plantation home when Ilish pulls up. The next day, Henley goes missing. Ilish must follow the clues to find her. But was this hunt really a sinister act, or Henley’s way of helping Ilish decipher the secrets that cloud her past?

Out Now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Just a Broken Doll

When Henley’s trusted fixer sends the group into the old Odd Fellows Cemetery to retrieve a doll, no one expected the outcome. After all, in the midst of the voodoo capital of the world, grave robbing is a favored pastime. What mystery does this doll hold, and what danger is attached to it?

Follow Ilish Night and her friends as they piece together the activities behind the veil of their work.  There is something bigger going on in the Big Easy. 

Out now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Warning: Do Not Open

Out July 2021

A Snake, a Candle, and the Mirror

Out July 2021

Hung Out to Dry

Out August 2021

Under the Levee

Out August 2021

Death Comes to All

Out September 2021

Bring on to Me…

Out September 2021

The Gladiator Trials

Out September 2021

The House of Consciousness

Out October 2021

When Death Knocks, Maybe Don’t Answer?

Out November 2021

The Sentinels of New Orleans Paperback

Out December 2021

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