Capturing the Holiday Spirit in Your Writing

Recently, a writing friend of mine read my December 2018 story, ‘Stave Four’. This got us talking about seasons, writing, and how we might incorporate the spirit of the holidays in over writing. After much discussion we decided that the setting and theatrics of the holidays can entice our readers into thinking about their own experiences and this in turn could cause the feelings of the season to leak into the story.

However, there was something else too. The spirit of the holidays be it the warm, safe, family-minded feeling one gets that is akin to eggnog as it warms on its way down, or the cold, ice-driven despairing loneliness, can be invoked by word choice.

We have challenged each other to play with our words for the next year. Then, in December we will each write a story and see who conjured the ghost of holidays past better.

Have a safe and happy end of the year. I will talk to you in 2020.

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