Book Review – Avoiding the Abyss

I stretched out on the pool chair and looked at the cover again. Gazing over the girl’s shoulder, I stare at a mesa and a blue swirling sky. I look back at the sky above, still the blue of summer. Taking my virgin cocktail with its fruit and umbrella in my hand, I crack the book and start to read.

Avoiding the Abyss by A. C. Ward is the first book of the Abyss Trilogy. Here we meet Aubrey, the teenage daughter of the Rebels’ sweetheart. A charmed life if her mother actually respected or even liked her, but Aubrey will never make a good rebel. That is, until she is sent on a mission that only she can complete.

This is A. C. Ward’s second published book. Her writing style is accessible and she is an outstanding storyteller. Her world is compelling, as are her flawed characters.

Beware: this novel ends with unfinished business; expect to binge read this series.

Fortunately, the entire series is being released on 19 November 2019. Avoiding the Abyss is a fast read- Perfect for your poolside read this summer (for those of us in the southern hemisphere) or a fine fireside read while you watch the night take over in the north.

Genre: Speculative Fiction, Dystopian

Reading level: Y A

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 sleepless nights

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