Beta Readers

There is something to be said for having a stable of quality, pre-readers for your work. However, many writers find it difficult to find the right sort of reader to make a quality beta reader.

Ultimately, writers need well-read people within their genres who are timely, trustworthy, and honest. This isn’t always an easy catch. For example, timeliness seems to be difficult for some of the beta readers I known. But how finicky can a writer be when the job is a voluntary one?

This brings up the question of paying beta readers. What an intriguing notion. One that I will be taking up soon. I have no issues paying for beta readers; no more than paying for editing. I would expect a paid beta reader to be honest and prompt. They are a professional after all.

Once I have hired and received my feedback from my paid beta reader, I ‘II review how it went. Was it worth the money spent?

So, what do you think, fellow writer? Would you pay for beta readers?

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