Book Review – RIP

The thumbnail cover sits as the first “to read’ on my book reader. I curl up on my chair and pull my lap rug up. I am at rest and ready…

RIP (subject found#2) is the latest offering by independent author Paul Sating. This novel is based on his podcast of the same name. In this second novel we follow the tribulations of Allison (check named) as she follows a killing spree in town. Will she be able to help solve the case and save her lacklustre career?

Paul Sating does it again in this confronting and entertaining read; this time giving life to a ripper and their victims. Sating self-identifies as a horror writer and RIP definitely follows this style but it is also a good mystery.

Beware: Horror. Some scenes are graphic.

This book will make you feel like you are not alone in your home even if no one else is there.

Genre: Horror Mystery

Reading Level: Adult

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 sleepless nights


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