Holidaying as a Writer

I am currently planning my next holiday. I always try to plan my breaks from a writer’s perspective. Of course, I don’t always get a choice on family holiday, but even then I try to have a sideline or two for my writing.

So, what is a writer’s holiday? It is going somewhere, seeing something, and/or doing something that will spark your imagination. This could be visiting some well-known natural wonders or walking through the built-up landscape of a city you wish to set your next story in. Maybe it includes taking a cooking class, an art class, going for a ride on a horse, or going for a ride on a thrilling rollercoaster.

My next holiday will be to Florida in the US. I am going to visit a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. This resort by its nature is imagination made real. I enjoy going there. Seeing the stories come to life. But I also need to plan something that will do more than entertain me. So, this time, I am looking at the nature of the resorts and transportation methods. We will see how my planning goes.

I love to use my holidays to grow my imagination.

When you plan your holidays, do you think about them from a writer’s perspective? Are you going to in the future? Let me know in the comments.

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