The Stories We Tell

Perhaps this is a tad bit early, but I wanted to let everyone know about an upcoming podcast. Going live in April 2019, The Stories We Tell is an anthology of short stories, each a twist on a similar theme. You never know just where the stories will take you, but with five or more short stories per podcast, you are likely to find at least one that speaks to you.

Produced and edited by Paul Sating Productions, Paul Sating and his team curate the short stories from the Horrible Writing Writers Support Group’s monthly writing challenge. This FaceBook page is for the writing fans of the Horrible Writing Podcast. The FaceBook group is a supportive way to hone craft in a friendly and inclusive environment. The monthly challenge—called A Breviloquent Challenge—is a fun way to get feedback on your writing.

On the first of each month, the site uploads a set of writing prompts. The challenge is to include all three in a story of 500 words or fewer. The writers have seven days to put forward their best attempt. Then the next seven days are feedback days (and the time that a panel of judges decide the stories to include on the podcast).

Why not go to your pod catcher and look for The Stories We Tell Podcast? Subscribe today so you don’t miss out.

If you are a writer and would like to join the challenge, head over to the Horrible Writing Writers Support Group on FaceBook. Join up (be sure to answer those three questions). It’s free.

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