Research: a vital step to writing?

I have always asked questions. I was the annoying child who asked ‘but why?’ over and over (Pity my family). It’s not surprising that I went into science when I attended university. Research is my thing.

So, when I say research is important to my writing, it shouldn’t be a surprise. But how is it important and what type of research am I referring to?

There are many ways to use research in writing. Obviously, you might research a time, location, culture, or society to include in your writing to make it more plausible. You might research the genre you are writing in (the styles, covers, tropes usually found in that genre so you can fit in or stand out). Then there is all the research that the writer does to learning about publishers, markets, marketing, and about their readership. The number of things that can be researched is limitless.

I am currently researching word lists. Strange you may think. Perhaps it is. But I am researching this for a reason. I want to write a set of novels for people of a certain reading level. I would hate to have my books ill-received because I plotted them for students in middle primary school but wrote them using words and sentence structure more appropriate to upper senior school. The books would be inappropriate for both sets of readers.

Do you research for your books? What are you researching right now? Let me know in the comments.

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