Book Review – the Chronicles of Elantra series

I look outside at the browning plants and wonder when the summer will break. It’s been days of insufferable heat. At over 38 degrees Celsius, the outside is not conducive to anything more than lounging on the edge of a pool. My preference is to stay inside the cooled house and pull the newest of my favourite series to my reading eyes.

Generally, I rate single titles but this month I am dedicating to the Chronicles of Elantra by Michelle Sagara. There are currently fourteen novels and two short stories in this series. I will include the titles at the end of this blog. The series is also known as the ‘Cast in’ series. Within the covers of these books, you will meet Private Kaylin Neya and follow along on her adventurous life. Kaylin was never meant to be in the Halls of Law. She was never meant to be a Hawk (Elantra’s police force). She was never meant to hold the key to saving the city. But Kaylin is more than what she seems. These books are fantasy and off world. You will meet dragons, barrani, aerians, leontine, and tha’alaani—all have a dire part to play in her story.

The Chronicles of Elantra are some of my favourite stories. First published in 2005, I picked up Cast in Shadow because the publisher was a new imprint and I am all about making new publishers prosper. I quickly fell in love with the fantasy setting of these stories and the relationships of the characters. I love the flawed but powerful leads and always look forward to the next instalment.

Beware: these books are fantasy. They play on the tropes of that genre. They also rely heavily on the romantic device of the love triangle. If you are bothered by half-man, half-cat people, dragons who walk and talk, or the constant ‘almost a couple’ tropes, then this may not be the series for you.

That said, if the above warning is actually your catnip, then this is a series to have a look into. I have never been left wishing I hadn’t spent the time in Kaylin’s world. The older books are readily available on the net as used books or as new. I have a copy of all in paperback and on my book reader.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Reading Level: Adult (though I would be happy for my teen to have a read)

Rating: 4 out of 5 sleepless nights


Chronicles of Elantra—Michelle Sagara

  1. Cast in Shadow
  2. 2. Cast in Courtlight
  3. 3. Cast in Secret
  4. 4. Cast in Fury
  5. 5. Cast in Silence
  6. 6. Cast in Chaos
  7. 7. Cast in Ruin
  8. 8. Cast in Peril
  9. 9. Cast in Sorrow
  10. 10. Cast in Flame
  11. 11. Cast in Honor
  12. 12. Cast in Flight
  13. 13. Cast in Deception
  14. 14. Cast in Oblivion
  15. Untitled 15th book is in the works

The Short Stories:

  • Cast in Moonlight (0.5)
  • Untitled Shorty Story (13.5)

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