Goals in 2019

Each new year comes with new opportunities. It’s the start of something and a way to mark the change we need to make. But, really, it’s a placeholder. We could equally make a claim to a new year’s resolution on any of the other 364 days in a year. But the first day of the new year always seems to be so bright and shiny. This is the day to make a promise to yourself that you will…

This year I am not making a new year’s resolution. Oh, I have all those things to change about myself. The ‘this year, I will lose weight, get fit, eat healthy’ resolution is my thing. But I know, after all these times of making that promise, that I will not.

This year, I am setting goals instead; achievable goals that will push me to the edge of my comfort zone.

The most relevant to my writing include:

  • Writing here every week. Just like I have been since I started.
  • Getting out there more. Meeting people. Talking to them about my writing. Getting them interested in reading my work. Particularly, in October.
  • Publishing. Yes. I want to, by the end of 2019, have four books available for people to read. I have written them. I need to edit them. To send them to beta readers and then get them ready for the world. So, I will publish: Star Struck, Twin Spirit, Falling Stars, and A Prize Not Lost by December 2019.

Someone challenged me to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) in my goals this year. So, that is what I have done.

What are your SMART goals for 2019?

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