Book Review: Egyptian Enigma

LJM Owen’s publisher pushed back the publication of book 3 in the Dr Pimms series by several months to align its launch with International Woman’s Day. I stood in the magnificent foyer of the National Library of Australia, with its stained glass spoken of so often in the books, to participate in the launch of Egyptian Enigma. What could be more exiting? A new Elizabeth Pimms novel, launched on such an important day, and the book would centre on Egyptian Mummies! I had to be there.

Egyptian Enigma (Echo Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1760407919) returns Elizabeth to her beloved Egypt for a holiday. But like so many times in Elizabeth’s life, she stumbles on a mystery or two before she hops a plane back to Canberra, Australia. Who were the mummies buried in the Golden Tomb? What do the unusual symbols on the parchments found there signify? Who stole Elizabeth’s diary and why?

This is the 3rd book in the Dr Pimms series. My reviews on book 1, Olmec Obituary, and book 2, Mayan Mendacity, can be found by clicking the titles. Egyptian Enigma is my favourite in this series so far. Dr Pimms and her rag-tag team have become living people to me like Poirot and Miss Marple. Book 3 continues the Pimms family mystery, deepening it and driving the characters forward as they try to solve this new, really dead case. And come on, it’s about mummies, 3D printing, and skype calls. Just read the book.

Beware: Oh, yes. There is ‘that scene’ and it has changed the way I will look at honey from now on. It’s descriptive and…not nice.

Egyptian Enigma is an enjoyable read. As the pages turn and Elizabeth’s world engulfed me, I forgot my everyday world. The last pages of the book left me longing for me.

Side note: As a female who was interested in STEM subject during an era when girls didn’t do math and science, I am constantly aware of how female characters are depicted in novels and their views on STEM. LJM Owen writes the truth about STEM and females. If you have a young female in your life who is a math, science, tech type, she might take heart with the Dr Pimms novels.

Genre: Mystery (cozy)

Reading Level: Young Adult, Adult

Rating: 5 out of 5 happily sleepless nights

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