Book Review: Mayan Mendacity

The sky-blue cover with its gaping Mayan head and silhouettes of Elizabeth and her cat, called to me. True, I had been waiting for 12 months for this day to arrive. And now, here I was, about to turn the pages of the next Dr Pimms series book: Mayan Mendacity.

In Mayan Mendacity (Echo Publishing, ISBN-13: 978-1760404574), LJM Owen draws us into the life and times of Lady Six Sky. Believed to be one of the most powerful women in Mayan society, Lady Six Sky’s world comes to vivid, full-colour through Owen’s prose. In book 2, Elizabeth has settled into her work-a-day life supporting her family and trying to write up a scientific paper from her last adventure in the Olmec past. But her carefully balanced world starts to wobble when a tiny skeleton comes her way. Who are the people in the boxes and what has brought them here?

If you have read my review on book 1 of this series, Olmec Obituary, then you already know that I am going to say positive things about this book. Owen has grown as a writer and Mayan Mendacity is at once an entertaining and driving novel but still conveys that cozy murder mystery feel of cats, food, and friends. This book unlocks a new family mystery for Elizabeth, as well as, being, perhaps, a bit too real about love lives, overwork, and the stress of the modern world.

Beware: Owen is an amazing researcher and storyteller. Be prepared for that ‘scene’. The one where your stomach may turn but your mind most certainly will (What! What did they just do? No. They didn’t do that back then did they? Eew).

Mayan Mendacity sits proudly on the shelf of my favourite novels. I’m a busy modern woman, trying to eke out 30 minutes a night to read something new, and yet Mayan Mendacity sat completed after the first weekend. I might even have had my phone’s torch on under the covers.

Side note: Just a reminder. If you are looking for a good protagonist to inspire a young woman in your life, Elizabeth and her friends are positive affirmations. This book is a good reminder that girl power and determination can be found even in the darkest times.

Genre: Mystery (cozy)

Reading Level: Young Adult, Adult

Rating: 4 out of 5 happily sleepless nights

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