The Drought

It’s the beginning of spring here and we are already in bushfire season. They called it a month early this year due to the low rainfall over winter. Drought does that to this red land.

As the weather warms, I find that I am anxious and flitty. I find my mind wanders and I can’t keep on track.

This is the time of the year that I set routines, because I need them or nothing would get done. I plot out my days and wait for daylight savings so that I can see my horse in the light when I go to see her after work.

And I go see her every day. It’s the drought. There is no food in the paddock so I have to go out and feed her. This is good because it brings routine.

My author’s blog is a new activity for me. I have now included it in my routine. This means that I should get a blog up every week. If I don’t, blame the drought. But the one within me. The one that steals my words at this time of the year. Not the one blighting this land.

Of course, maybe they are the same. The withholding of water to stir the fertile soil to grow the blooms.

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