Getting to Know the Writer

Hi and welcome to my blog.

I thought that I should start my blog experiment with a bit of information about me and just what I am planning to do with this space. I say ‘experiment’ because I am new to this and as I learn and listen to those who will read this, I will change my format to make it more captivating.

You will find that I update this blog every Wednesday at 17:00, Australian Eastern Time. Each week I plan to post one of the following:

  • A short story;
  • A book review;
  • A debrief on my writing; or,
  • A ‘lucky dip’: this could be an interview, a review of a movie, a storytelling tip, or anything else that takes my fancy that week.

What’s that? You want to know what I write? I write a little bit of this and a bit of that. I seem to fall into three main genre – horror, romance, mystery – most of my short stories will fit into those categories; however, my longer form writing is often centred in a future dystopian setting and is aimed at the young adult/new adult market. Of course, this is how I see my writing, but I am interested in what you think. Please feel free to comment. What did you think? Good, bad, doesn’t fit the mould of the genre? I would love to have a conversation about it.

A bit about me: I’m Australian and American. This basically means that I am confused. No matter which side of the equator I am speaking about, it’s usually backwards. What do you mean that the hottest month of the year in Seattle, Washington isn’t December? Pish posh!

I am big on pets, family, and Disney – not necessarily in that order. And I love to tell stories. I learned how to tell a good story from my grandfather and a few of my teachers over the years.  For me, reading came later in life. Until year 4, I was functionally illiterate due to undiagnosed dyslexia. But once we figured that out and my tutors taught me to read, I was your normal bookworm. You could find me most nights with my flashlight under the covers of my bed, reading into the wee hours.

It is the love of story and storytelling that I hope to offer here. If I am successful, excellent! If not, I will try again. Look for the first read instalment of my blog next Wednesday. I hope you will like it here.

Until then, keep reading whatever story stalks you.

~ NJ

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